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Thank you for subscribing to the Data and Marketing Super Center, the most advanced data management and marketing CRM available today!

If you are an Insurance Agent . . . Stop! 

Are you or someone in the agency tech savvy?

Are you or someone in your agency good with spreadsheets and moving data on spreadsheets in and out of systems? 

Will you make the time to properly learn the system? 

Do you completely understand that we do not want you to try to use the Data Super Center as an Agency Management Tool? It is designed exclusively for marketing. It should not contain personal information such as SSN# and it will NOT link to your rater.

While we did our best to make the tool “Plug and Play”, every business is unique and has some customizing that needs to happen, so we also made it simple to customize the tool.

Following the on-boarding steps explained here will get you up and running in a few minutes.

Click here to download the Onboarding Checklist for the Data Super Center

Here is the link to the onboarding page: (Save as a favorite for easy access)

Tip: Watch the video tutorials before you start to use the Data Super Center. It is the Lamborghini of CRMs and like any power packed item, if you try to start out too fast you will crash!

If you start out slow by adding  5 or 10 contacts you will learn to understand the power of the system, but if you just rush in and try to use it without understanding its power, it will take 10X longer to clean up the mistakes and issues than if you had been more patient and moved slower.

I keep the system low cost by not having a large support team. If you have questions please watch the video tutorials first, and if you still have questions send an email with your questions and we will respond within 24 hours.

(There are short videos located on the Home tab of the Data Super Center in the Video Tutorial section that detail all aspects of using the Data and Marketing Super Center)

Follow these onboarding steps:

Your assigned user name is the Email Address you used when signing up. This can only be changed by an Inspire a Nation staff member once an account is created.


Your temporary password is "newdmscuser". This password must be changed within 24 hours as it will automatically reset if not changed within 24 hours.


Step 1: Click on the following link to access the log on site



Step 2: Bookmark the log on site. This secure site will NOT get found during a web search and you must bookmark it!



Step 3: Enter your username (The email address you used to purchase your subscription) and the following temporary password newdmscuser. Make sure you immediately reset your password to a password of your choosing by using the “Forgot your Password link” on the log in page.


 Step 4: Complete your Account Settings and Your Mail Merge profile in the setting area

 (The gear looking icon) on the top right. 


The Active Insurance Member Version comes with email templates, letter templates, landing pages, To-Do Plans and WorkFlows an agency needs to grow their business and retain customers. The Email Templates, To-Do Plans and WorkFlows are ready to go, simply complete your Mail Merge Profile, add a contact, and apply a workflow.

(Try with one contact such as yourself before loading a complete list of contacts)

A few of the key insurance focused processes that are pre-built into the system include:

The Claims Process

The Business Referral Partner Process

The Birthday Process

The New Customer Process

The Emergency Contact Process

The Customer Policy Review Process


The initial Quick Start functions of the Data Super Center we recommend you use when starting a marketing campaign:

Mail Merge Profile – This is the first information the system will ask you to fill in. It is also the information that automatically fills into emails and letter templates. Pay special attention to the First Name and Company Name fields. Instead of a person you can enter a department or area of your business as a first name such as First Name = Service, Last Name = Team

Email Templates – The email functionality of the Data Super Center is the foundation of the system. You will use email templates to communicate with contacts, as initial marketing communications, and for manual or automatic follow up after a contact has responded to a marketing campaign. (If you are an active Inspire a Nation Insurance Agent Member, we have preloaded most of the initial email templates and To-Do Plans you will need in your agency)

Letter Templates – Just like email templates, letter templates should be an important and foundational function you use within the Data Super Center.

 Note: You should verify that you are comfortable with the wording of email templates and letter templates before utilizing them the first time.

An Individual To-Do and To-Do Plans – Just as email is the foundation of communication in the system, an individual To-Do and To-Do Plans are the foundation of all automated tasks and processes within the system. You MUST watch the video tutorial on “Client To-Do’s” before initiating a To-Do Plan. (If you are an active Inspire a Nation Insurance Agent Member, we have preloaded most of the initial email templates and To-Do Plans you will need in your agency)

WorkFlow – A To-Do Plan with the additional features of instantly updating a contacts record and starting or stopping other automated actions such as other To-Do Plans or WorkFlows

Import – You can add a contact individually or you can bring a list of contacts into the system by using a spreadsheet.

Flags – These are used to easily identify contacts and makes it easy to run reports and easily select contacts that have the same flag. Flags are especially important when you are importing a spreadsheet of contacts. A contact can have an unlimited amount of flags.

Sources – Where your prospects are coming from and they help you identify if your marketing campaigns are working. These also help you to easily identify contacts, makes it easy to run reports, and easily allows you to select contacts that have the same Source. Sources are especially important when you are importing a spreadsheet of contacts.

Category and Category 2 – These are the primary ways of categorizing contacts such as customers, former customers, prospects, and other important categories. NOTE: A contact can only have a single primary category and Category 2


Advanced Functionality and Features

 When you are really ready to see what this baby can do you will utilize these advanced features

ClientTouch – Used to easily run reports and perform group functions with contacts already inside of the Data Super Center. ClientTouch allows you to start or stop tasks and actions on such as bulk emailing, printing letters, creating mailing labels, starting and stopping To-Do Plans, and starting or stopping WorkFlows. In addition, you can also quickly change or modify categories, add notes, and perform other bulk actions.

(Optional) VoiceTouch Phone Number & Extensions –  If you want to turn the Data Super Center into a marketing powerhouse we recommend you select a VoiceTouch designated marketing phone number. Your VoiceTouch phone number allows you to track your incoming marketing calls, allows you to easily direct the contact to the correct marketing message and extension, provides 2-way text message capabilities, and automatically builds or updates contact records. (Replace the number in the Mail Merge Profile with your VoiceTouch Phone # after you turn it on)

2-Way Text Messaging (You MUST have a VoiceTouch Assigned Phone Number)

Landing Page – Used to collect contact information, and trigger automated actions and record creation. Landing pages are a key marketing tool for any business. Watch the videos in the Marketing section of Video Tutorials to learn more about Landing Pages

Deals – This powerful piece of the Data Super Center provides the ability to track a prospect and/or deal through each phase of the sales process. While deals is considered an advanced feature, once you take some time to start using it, it will become an integral part of your business.

READ THIS BEFORE SENDING OUT YOUR FIRST EMAIL BLAST! If you have an OPT-IN email addresses for your contacts (such as current customers, internet leads, former customers, or opt-in email addresses), use the Client Touch functionality to add your imported contacts into a Workgroup and opt them all in to receive emails through the Data Super Center by using the “Email Opt-In Wizard, and send out your email blast.

If you purchased a list of email addresses, you CAN NOT send emails to that list through the Data Super Center! To do so could ruin our white label status and damage our ability to deliver emails for ALL Data Super Center Users. If we receive a blatant spam report on your business we WILL cancel your account without notice or refund!

Q. I have a purchased email list, what do I do?

A. Email the list with the link to the landing page you created earlier and your VoiceTouch marketing phone # through a 3rd party vendor such as Direct Aim Marketing (They specialize in emailing purchased email lists -, or a free MailChimp account that allows you to send up to 2K emails. Some people will opt-in by completing the landing page form, some people will text message into VoiceTouch, some people will reply to the email, and some people will mark your email as spam.


After a few weeks of doing this process you will have a good sized, clean list of email addresses in the system. 



Watch the video tutorials on the areas you want to implement next. You can focus on areas such as marketing, data management, setting up a to-do plan, creating automated workflows, and much, much, more!


 Call or email us if you need help! 682-200-1808 Ext. 102


Your subscription also includes the "10 Minute Business Mentor Video Newsletter", it arrives at the beginning of each month and gives you an exact marketing campaign to implement that month.


 Contact Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring if you have questions or need help:


Call us at 682-200-1808 Ext. 102


Email us:



Thank you for allowing Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring to be a part of your success team

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