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You must be an active member to access the video and document library! If you are not an active member please exit now or you will be in violation of our $50,000.00 non disclosure agreement. All log-ons are tracked.


We are a mentoring company, not a legal firm. We can discuss generalities and recommendations for using Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Processes in ways that are consistent with our understanding of the laws. These training videos are not a substitute for you obtaining competent, specific legal advice on any of the subjects covered in the training, scripting, and implementation of process suggestions.

 In some cases there may be federal, state, or local laws, as well as insurance carrier guidelines and rules that may alter, impact, enhance, or supersede the way Inspire a Nation teaches and recommends a process, as well as your ability to implement a process using the exact steps we teach. Our training does not address these issues – again, specific legal advice should be sought to ensure compliance.

Individuals that gain access to the Inspire a Nation Video Library automatically agree that by viewing these webinars and training videos and/or viewing or downloading any of the documents attached to the webinars and training videos that:


a. You are a current, active, paid member agent, group, or organization or an employee or affiliate of an active, current, paid member agent, group or organization of the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Svc. membership program and that you registered for the appropriate membership level for the size of your organization.

You are an actual employee of the agent or agency and not a company hired by the agent or agency to implement processes. If you are a company or business entity hired by a member agent or agency, you must have written permission from an Inspire a Nation officer prior to accessing the Video and Document Library.

b. You will not divulge the password used to gain access to the video and document library, videos, recorded webinars, and documents that are attached to the recorded videos and webinars located in the Video and Document Library by any method to include but not limited to email, telephone, text message, or any other form of verbal or written communication, nor give access to anyone that is not authorized to gain access to view the videos, training webinars, or attached documents.

c. You will not copy, screen print, or print pages of the video library to distribute in any manner outside of an authorized user of your agency, group, or organization.

d. You will immediately change the password used to access your membership account upon the departure of any person affiliated with your agency, group, or organization

e. If you break this agreement by being identified as deliberately misrepresenting the size of your agency, group, or organization, not have the proper authorization to have access to the videos, webinars, and documents that are attached to the recorded videos and webinars, divulging the password used to gain access to video and document library, videos, webinars, and documents that are attached to the recorded videos and webinars, download and share the documents with anyone not authorized by Inspire a Nation to view the documents, share the URLs to the videos, embed the recorded webinars to another website, or in any way provide an avenue whereby unauthorized viewers gain unauthorized access to the live or recorded videos, webinars, and documents that are attached to the recorded videos and webinars or the conference call number used to gain access to a live MEMBER ONLY webinar, you will compensate Inspire a Nation Business mentoring and/or Billy R. Williams, PhD the sum of $50,000.00 within 30 days of being notified that you have broken this agreement.

(Special Notice for level 3 and 4 members: We will enforce the non-disclosure portion of this terms of use agreement down to the individual level. Because of the volume of authorized users, the level 3 and level 4 groups and organizations will only be held liable if they initiated and/or participated in the breach of this agreement, otherwise, the individual, or groups of individuals that violated this agreement will be held liable for the $50,000.00 non-disclosure section of this Terms of Use Agreement.)


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