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    • Thu, May 23, 2024
    • 9:00 AM
    • Fri, May 24, 2024
    • 4:30 PM
    • International Bowling Hall of Fame Conference Center 621 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX 76011
    • 30

    The "Fix My Insurance Agency"  BEST PRACTICES Process Implementation Workshop!


    Many attendees reported that they got more tasks, processes, and automation implemented in the two days of the workshop than they implemented in the previous two years inside the insurance agency.

    Workshop Dates: Thursday and Friday: May 23 - 24, 2024

    Time: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


    Workshop Registration Limit = 35 Registered Agencies.

    Why? We can only effectively assist with process implementation for 35 agencies or less during a workshop.


    International Bowling Hall of Fame Conference Center

    621 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX 76011


    Hotel: There isn't a featured hotel for this workshop, but you are in the heart of the Arlington Entertainment District which means multiple hotels that are close to the conference center. Search "Hotels near the International Bowling Hall of Fame" and choose your favorite hotel!"

    Cost: Based on your Inspire a Nation membership level


    $399.00/Agency =

    Level 1 & Level 2 Active (Monthly) Inspire a Nation Member Agencies and

    Annual Members below the $1790.00 level.


    FREE =

    ACTIVE ANNUAL Inspire a Nation Member Agencies with a membership level of $1790.00 or higher = FREE TO ATTEND!


    $1790.00/Agency =

    Non Inspire a Nation Member Agency (Includes a one year Inspire a Nation Membership) 

    Can't afford $1790.00? See below . . .


    All registrations allow up to three (3) live attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Web Meeting Attendees.


    The best way to prepare for the workshop is to be able to thoroughly perform the 20 main tasks we teach agents to perform in their technology.

    Here is a handout that explains the 20 tasks:

    Topics and Technology Tools discussed, demonstrated, and implemented throughout the workshop include:

    • Customer Website and Customer Portals
    • Agency Management Systems

    • Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs)

    • Zapier Integrations

    • Core Insurance Agency Processes, including The New Customer Onboarding Process, Account Rounding, Customer Renewal Process, Rate Increase Process, Policy Review Process, Customer Service Request, and more.

    • 30+ Email and Text Message Templates

    • Automated Email and Text Message Workflows
    • Online Appointment Scheduling Tools
    • Electronic Signature Documents
    • Internet Lead Generation Services
    • Warm Transfer Services
    • Virtual Assistant Vendors and Services
    • Lead Management Tools
    • Autoresponder Emails and Text Templates
    • Text Messaging Tools
    • Agency Coverage Standards
    • Keyword Research Tool (i.e., Ubersuggest)
    • Agency Website/FAQ Page
    • Keyword Content & Retargeting Codes
    • Video Creation and Hosting Tools
    • Google My Business Profile
    • Google Reviews
    • QR Codes
    • Chatbots
    • Electronic Business Cards
    • Appointment Schedulers
    • Video Proposal Tools
    • Power Dialers
    • VOIP Phone Tools
    • E-Pay Services
    • Electronic Signature Tools
    • Agency Branded Mobile App
    • Drip Email and Drip Text Msg
    • Life Insurance Quote Tool
    • Fillable Form Templates and Tools
    • Commercial Pre-Renewal Audit Tools
    • Personal Lines Renewal Audit Tools
    • Agency Audit and Reporting Tools
    And more . . .


    • This is not a conference or a networking event,

    • This is not a vendor fair,

    • This is a hands-on, real-time, in-person, insurance agency processes implementation workshop,

    • What does live implementation mean? It means during the workshop we set up the Scripts, Templates, Forms, Technology Tools, Marketing Campaigns, Social Networking Campaigns, Staff KPI's and the Core Agency Processes such as the Customer Renewal and Retention Process, New Customer Onboarding, and Rate Increase Process that an insurance agency must/should have in place in order to maximize the agency's growth. 

    • Who should attend? The agency team members responsible for implementing and performing agency processes.

    • What should I expect from the workshop? You should expect to get more processes implemented during the 2-day workshop than you effectively implemented in the agency over the last 2 years!

    • How do you know the processes taught during the workshop will work in my agency? Each process that we teach had to make or save an insurance agency $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) in premium over a 36-month window in order to be validated. The problem will not be that the processes don't work, the issue is will your agency work the processes.

    •  Where can I see the actual Workshop Agenda?

    Q. I can't afford $1790.00! What can I do?

    A. Join the membership now for $179.00 or $399.00, pay the $399.00 workshop fee. The total cost will be much lower.

    Note: You must be an Active Inspire a Nation Member through the end of the workshop in order to access all of the workshop resources.

    “The Fix My Insurance Agency” Workshop Q and A

    Q. How much does the workshop cost?

    A. Non Inspire a Nation Members = $1790/Agency (2 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Live Webinar Attendees, One-Year Level One Insurance Agent Mentoring Membership)

    Active Inspire a Nation Member = $399/Agency (3 Live Attendees, Unlimited Agency Staff Webinar Attendees) 

    Q. Who are the sponsors?

    A. There are no sponsors. We will have on-sight vendors/trainers. The purpose of the implementation workshop is to show you in a step-by-step manner how to implement the core 23 insurance agent processes utilizing your current tools, technology, and staff, not to sell you stuff.

    Q. What do I need to bring with me?

    A. We recommend:

    1. One additional staff member besides the registrant to learn the processes and steps;

    2. A laptop with access to your agency management tools, carrier websites, and email account;

    3. A power strip with multiple outlets

    4. Log on and passwords to tools and sites you use regularly in the agency.

    5. A strong desire to learn how to improve your agency!

    Q. Is there a limit to the number of agencies that can attend?

    A. Yes! We will only allow 35 registered agencies to attend per workshop. 

    Why you ask? Because more than 35 and we lose the ability to scale the workshop in a way that allows us to personalize the 23 core processes for each agency.

    Q. Do I have to attend multiple workshops?

    A. No. Each two-day workshop is a stand-alone workshop. Simply choose the workshop date that works best for you.

    Q. Where can I get a sample of the way Inspire a Nation teaches and get a better understanding of what Inspire a Nation brings to the table?

    A. Check out some of our videos, podcast, and interviews at

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