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    • Sun, January 29, 2023
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    • Thu, June 01, 2023
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    Your (Free) 2023 Insurance Agency Marketing Plan is Only a Click Away

    Answer a few questions that you should easily know about your insurance agency and instantly receive by email (Check Your Spam Folder) an individualized, insurance agency marketing plan designed by Billy R. Williams, PhD., President of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring, and the Williams Family Investment Group.

    Your individualized insurance agency marketing plan is based on your answers, your selected marketing budget, and the Best Marketing Campaigns to reach the 6 Primary Insurance Prospects;

    1. Current Customers,
    2. Referrals from Customers and Business Referral Partners,
    3. People Actively Searching for Insurance Information,
    4. Quoted-not-Sold Prospects,
    5. Former Customers,
    6. People with an Upcoming Need for Insurance.

    Link to Marketing Plan:

    To keep you from getting Paralysis-by-Analysis, we focus your marketing plan on the 6 Best Insurance Prospects.

    This plan will help you stay locked in on the marketing campaigns you need to grow your insurance agency.

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    • Thu, June 01, 2023
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    • Tue, March 14, 2023
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    • Tue, March 28, 2023
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    Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Topic

    "How to Increase Insurance Agency Revenue by Conducting Great Policy Reviews"


    As insurance rates go up so should the number of insurance policy reviews within your agency!

    Sticking your head in the sand and hoping that customers won’t call and complain about rate increases will only cause you to lose customers, revenue, and profit sharing.

    While you can’t save every customer, an effective policy review process will allow you to address the customers that are high risk for flight.

    Examples are monoline customers, customers with a premium increase higher than a trigger amount, customers with glaring coverage weaknesses on their insurance policies, and customers that just need to know the agency has their best interest at heart, and are more than cashiers and order takers for the carriers.

    In 15 minutes, we will show you how to use technology, automation, templates, scripts, social media, and video to maximize your policy review process.

    In a world with A.I. Tools, your competitors are coming after your customers harder than ever. Don’t get left behind. 

    Whether you are a seasoned insurance professional or just starting in the industry, this session will help you optimize your policy review process and build stronger relationships with your clients.


    If I had to start my insurance agency from scratch here is what I would do my first 30 days!  3/7/2023 CLICK HERE

    Many agencies can't grow because they feel trapped in the way the agency currently operates. I've started many agencies from scratch and helped many agencies reboot and start from the beginning. No matter the situation the first 30 days will lay the foundation of the agency for years to come. Let me show you what your first 30 days should look like.


    How to effectively add Life Insurance to your P&C Agency Product Mix

    3/14/2023 CLICK HERE 

    Insurance agents who specialize in Property and Casualty (P&C) policies can expand their services and revenue streams by offering life insurance to their existing customers. This is a smart move, as P&C policyholders are likely to have a higher trust level with their agent, which can lead to increased loyalty and more business opportunities.


    How to Increase Insurance Agency Revenue by Conducting Great Policy Reviews.

    3/21/2023   CLICK HERE 

    Policy reviews are an essential aspect of any insurance agency's operations. Conducting regular and effective policy reviews can help agents identify areas where coverage may be lacking, update policies to reflect changing needs, and ensure that clients are adequately protected. In this session, we will explore the key steps to conducting great policy reviews in your insurance agency. From setting clear objectives to engaging with clients, we will provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you streamline your policy review process and deliver exceptional service to your clients. Whether you are a seasoned insurance professional or just starting in the industry, this session will help you optimize your policy review process and build stronger relationships with your clients.


    Rate Increase Conversations: Best Practices to Get More Wins!

    3/28/2021 CLICK HERE

    As an insurance agent, one of the most critical aspects of your job is to help customers understand the policies and coverage available to them and the rates associated with their policy(ies). Effective policy rate conversations can mean the difference between great customer retention and profit sharing, and a bad loss ratio because of customers running out the door to shop for cheaper rates.. In this session, we will explore the best practices for conducting insurance policy rate increase conversations that will help you secure more wins for your agency. We will cover key topics such as agency standards, understanding your client's needs, presenting policy options, explaining weak coverage consequences, and addressing objections. With practical tips and strategies to help you navigate these conversations with confidence, this session will equip you with the tools you need to increase your sales and build stronger relationships with your customers. Whether you are new to the insurance industry or a seasoned professional, this session will help you master the art of policy rate conversations and drive success for your agency.      

    (This video was made in 10 Minutes using ChatGPT and

    The sessions are 15 mins and packed with ready-to-apply knowledge. What possible excuse could you have for not attending or at least registering so you can access the recording?

    15 Min Lunch and Learn

    Join us on Tuesday's from 12:45 PM - 1:00 PM for our 15 Min Lunch-and-Learn Insurance Agent Training and Coaching Web Meeting.


    Tuesday's 12:45 - 1:00 PM (Central)

    1:45 Eastern, 11:45 Mountain, 10:45 Pacific

    15 Min Lunch and Learn Schedule

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