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Welcome to the Small Business Virtual Membership!

As a special gift for joining the Small Business Virtual Membership you can download our Free 20 Page Excel Spreadsheet Training Course w/ Screen Captures!

The ability to understand and use the functionality of a spreadsheet is quickly becoming a lost art. Because of this, many businesses are spending a lot of unnecessary money to rent prospect and customer contact lists and information that already resides in their company database; they just don’t know how to get it out (export it), properly format it to work with other technology tools such as their email and phone systems (format the spreadsheet), and use it to help grow their business.

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We at Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring understand that it is difficult to stay up to date in today's marketing and business environment. That's why we created the "10 Minute Business Mentor Video Newsletter."

Because you signed up for the the Small Business Virtual Membership, each month you will receive an email with a link to this video page. We regularly update this page with new marketing videos and articles.

The training videos will show you step by step how to implement one new marketing process in your business! 

You no longer have to figure out what your next marketing campaign should be. We removed the guess work and give you the detailed, step-by-step, video training you need to get the campaign up and running in your business.

Need a revolutionary Data Management and Marketing Tool to automate the processes we teach you?

Check out our CRM - The Data and Marketing Super Center

Small Business Virtual Membership Videos

Revenue Producing Tasks

You will never maximize the full potential of your business without identifying, training, holding your staff accountable, and building your pay structure around consistently performing Revenue Producing Tasks.

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Using Text Messaging in the Data and Marketing Super Center

Text Messaging is an effective way to communicate with customers and prospects. There are a few guidelines you should follow to keep out of trouble:

1. Have the contact send a text to you first. This is considered written permission

2. Have the contact text their email address as verification. Doing this gives two forms of identifying written permission information in one incoming text.

3. Send an autoresponder email to everyone that opts-in to receive text messages thanking them for giving you permission to use text messaging to contact them, and it should explain your text message privacy and usage guidelines.

Motivation Month

Sometimes you have to get re-energized mentally, emotionally, and physically.

 Inbound Marketing

Click here to listen to an audio interview and training session Dr. Williams conducted on Inbound Marketing

"How 2 Make Your Business a Magnet for Inbound Prospects - Stop Cold Calling Today" -

We all hate cold call prospecting, we tolerate warm call prospecting, but we love when a prospect calls, emails, or walks in our office and wants to talk to us about our product. 

This book will help you understand the various marketing and prospecting campaigns you can use to drive prospects to you and your business. 

Dr. Billy R. Williams, the writer of this book, has spent the last 12 years and 100's of thousands of dollars on real world, trial and error based business building to bring you proven marketing and advertising campaigns that will make your business a magnet for inbound prospects. 

"How 2 Make Your Business a Magnet for Inbound Prospects - Stop Cold Calling Today" -

Click below to listen to Dr. Williams being interviewed about inbound marketing.  

Creating a Facebook Local Ad (Run Time 6:40) - This video shows you how easy it is to market your business to a ton of folks using a low cost facebook ad.

Production Review Production Forecast Meeting 

This role play is for an insurance agent, but non insurance agents can simply modify the meeting format for your industry.

Click here, on the microphone, or on the picture of the Deals Tab


Mentoring Video - Marketing and Prospecting: This video details the 6 steps you must use to create an effective marketing campaign for your business.

Run Time 5:35

Full Screen? Click on the t.v. in the bottom right corner.


How to Master "It" in Business and Life

Run Time 3:15

The Birthday Contact Process (January 2016)

Run Time 9:06

Low Cost Variations of Expensive Marketing Types (February 2016)

Run Time 2:16

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