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What YOU and your program does for businesses big and small is amazing.  It isn’t just the program you’ve created; it’s your dedication to helping others and making a difference that is truly remarkable.  I can say without a doubt that you have been the biggest inspiration that I’ve run across in the fifteen plus years I’ve been in the insurance industry.  I am in awe of what you do.  Thank you so much for giving that to me.  


Haley Kingery

I have been a member and received coaching for a year now. I attended his workshop. I accidentally called it a conference. It's not. This is a hands on workshop where you are working on proven processes. I highly recommend his program if you are looking to grow!

Kicker Cardenas 

If you are wanting to grow your agency to the next level I highly suggest going to Dr. Billy Williams Inspire a Nation Conference. It’s some of the best money I have ever spent on a conference. I love his strategy of educating you and then allowing you to implement at the same time. Dr. Williams even takes it a step further to make sure your assets are being protected as you are growing. Most conferences talk about growing an agency and have nothing in place for educating an agent on the principals of protecting your growth. Thank you Dr. Billy Williams for sharing your wealth of knowledge with others.

Karen Ehlers 

I spent two days at Billy's workshop in Arlington. It was absolutely fantastic. I have been to a lot of workshops and this is the only one where the host sits down with you and works through the processes with you. He helps you set up everything that you need or want to work on. It is a great intimate setting and it is well worth your time.

Curtis Ostler 

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Dr. Billy Williams' mentoring program is exactly what we needed.

He has systems and processes that makes growing your agency fun and exciting. The systems and processes work and they make everything easier.
We really like that the systems are step by step. He has videos that you can watch at your own pace and "get it"!
If you want to seriously grow your agency and enjoy the process, I recommend Inspire A Nation with Dr. Billy Williams.

Vev Tripp - Captive Agent 
I listened to Billy speak at the AI Brainshare Event in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. His laser focus on improving agencies through effective management of agency personnel was hard to miss. If you are willing to commit your time and energy toward improving your agency, his mentoring will get you across the finish line. As Billy would say, "It's not easy but it is simple".

Justin Goodman - AI Brainshare Attendee 

While attending Elevate 2018 (Insurance Conference) I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Billy Williams present his I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M. For Businesses Speach. From the moment he stepped on stage, I was glued to my seat and I don't think my eyes or ears lost track of him for one second! Truely great wisdom coming from Dr. Billy Williams. Real, Raw and ACTIONABLE insight to better performance as a business and as a person. Changed my perspective on more than business, but myself. If you can, soak up everything he has to offer, I promise it will be well worth your time.

Ryan Anderson. - Yelp  & Google Review 

Just attended a one day workshop featuring Billy Williams and it is amazing what a little common sense and numerous tried and true processes can do for your business! If you are struggling with getting your insurance business to the next level, make Billy Williams and Inspire a Nation part of your structure. Look at what others are saying about him and how his knowledge has generated a change within their businesses .

Matt Henderson

Attending the 30+ ways to generate free leads workshop has been a great experience, as I have learned so many different techniques that will drive more business the my niche in the insurance world.

Lisa Garcia 
(30+ ways to generate free leads workshop attendee)
Independent Insurance Agent
Visiting with Billy Williams all morning  in the 30+ ways to generate free leads workshop to review free tricks for marketing insurance products. Great stuff!

(30+ ways to generate free leads workshop attendee)
Rich Siegmund
Agency Owner

The information provided in the 30+ ways to generate free leads workshop was true to form by offering "Free Marketing" and was very useful. Anyone wanting an edge should attend.

(30+ ways to generate free leads workshop attendee)
Matthew Pair
Allstate Field Sales Leader

I attended a great workshop presented by Billy Williams yesterday about marketing and running an insurance business. If you have the chance to attend one of his workshops, or watch one of his videos, it will be time very well spent!

(30+ ways to generate free leads workshop attendee)
John Murphy
Allstate Insurance Agency Owner


I have been mentored by Inspire a Nation for over more than 8 years and they always come with knowledge that has helped my business grow.

James Stapleton
Kingdom Tree Independent Insurance Agency

Dr. Williams and Inspire a Nation  have some great marketing methods for all ranges of entrepreneurs. I'd highly recommend Inspire a Nation for anyone who wants help building their business.

workshop attendee
Kyle Waller

When we came to work with Billy I felt like we needed clarity in many areas. Billy has worked with me for almost a year now and has helped us alter our business model and positioned us for growth in the areas we are focused on. The mentorship, systems, processes, work flows, ( too many to list) are just some of what has helped us achieve a record revenue year (2015) for us. I am grateful to have him in my corner and to know he is not just a consultant preaching out of a text book but lives what I live everyday.. Thanks for all you do Billy! Will M

Will Montgomery - Independent Agency Owner
Montgomery and Associates Insurance and Financial Services

Dr. Williams is an exceptional mentor and a leader. I have been working with him for the past couple of months and have seen positive impact within our agency. It is a honor to be able to work with Dr. Williams. He is very passionate in helping you and genuinely look out for your best interest. He is straight shooter and is highly engaging. I highly recommend working with Dr. Williams when an opportunity arise

Allstate Insurance Agency Owner

We've been extremely happy with the mentoring being provided to our agency by Billy and his team. They are providing us the tools, strategy and procedures we needed to increase our prospecting and marketing activities.

Mitch Nuss 
Independent Agency Owner 
Insurance Providers Group

"I have been using inspire a nation tools and mentoring services since March 2014. As a brand new agent . . .  this has been the single most helpful program, hands down! From budgeting to marketing to training this man knows his business! I recommend inspire a nation to any one who has any serious aspirations of excelling in this industry."
J. Barry Schoenfeld - Farmers Agent 


"I have worked with Billy Williams and Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring for over 7 years and find his advice and services unparalleled. If you are looking for an insurance / business advisor I highly recommend his services." 


David Ginsberg CFP , ChFC - Allstate Agency Owner 


It was because of my exposure to you and IAN that I learned to look at my agency differently and have implemented many operational changes.  We're also pulling the trigger on some technology issues -management system upgrade & social media specifically,  that have been neglected for too long in order to improve work flow and service inefficiencies. 

 Thank you for your commitment to the independent agent and those of us trying to make a real difference!  You are an asset to your industry.


Perry Imes, CIC, LUTCF


Billy is an exceptional leader who has not only led his own agencies to great success but through his agent mentoring programs has enabled so many other agents to also succeed in the insurance space. 

He has helped me grow my business over the years and I hope he keeps coaching for years to come. 

Troy Wilson - Founder/President: Next Wave Marketing & The Aged Lead Store


For anyone looking to grow their business, you need clear procedures and processes in place. Dr. Billy Williams and the Inspire a Nation team do a great job of giving that structure. Dr. Williams has been a guest on some of my webcasts and provides clear, concise steps, schedules and tasks for insurance agents daily, weekly and monthly. In addition, he provides the accountability that's needed to see where improvements can be made for the overall goal of finding new customers.

Lora Ullerich, Digital Media Specialist at Cole Information

Greater Omaha Area


“I've been in the insurance and financial services industries for 35 plus years, held positions in marketing, sales, manager, etc. My knowledge has been built over time, through classes, peers, etc. Up until my business partner saw Billy Williams, Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring program (and signed me up) I had not had the true mentoring that I yearned for... Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring will be a tool in my General Agency kit, each sub-producer will be required to participate in Billy's program. Billy thank you for your vision and putting this awesome program together.


Martha Rochester-Gant - Owner, Cascade Insurance Pros, Inc.


We have utilized the Inspire a Nation Program for a year.  During that year we implemented, measured and gained about $7000 in revenue from the life insurance process including the optional endorsement form.  In addition we have implemented some of the onboarding processes for two new account managers into our training program.  We have also modified a couple of other strategies to fit into the dynamic of our agency.


We have found that the processes are written in a step by step approach that is easy to train others to do and some have become part of our existing procedure manual and have enhanced the value we bring to our clients we serve.


Kim Dandrea - Personal Lines Manager

David Insurance


"I have been a member of Billy Williams’ mentoring program since 2007. The information and personal coaching I have received from him was instrumental in helping me achieve the number one agency in Texas with Allstate. Additionally, I was ranked in the top 1% country wide. I do not feel I would have had the processes in place to have achieved this without his help, support and encouragement. I highly recommend Billy Williams and Inspire a Nation to help you achieve your goals!

Vickie Lundquist" Allstate Agency owner



Since September 2012 I have initiated several of Billy R. Williams recommendations and I am very happy with the results. Therefore, I have designated Billy R. Williams and Inspire A Nation Business Mentoring my #1 most important business expenditure. All of my subsequent marketing expenditures will revolve around his suggestions and recommendations.


LaVelle Topps - Agency Principal - Farmers Insurance



Hi Billy,

I've been meaning to write this email for a while so please forgive my delay.

I wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and have found your Business Building workshop to be extremely valuable in providing practical processes, tools and resources that can be easily implemented to grow an agency. Our agents and managers who attended your workshop in Texas provided the same excellent feedback. Your willingness to conduct a follow up teleconference for those who attended was an added bonus and helped seal the transfer of knowledge and provided another boost in the implementation of your processes.

In planning the session you and your staff were easy to work with and very flexible in the planning. I also appreciated the fact that you were very accessible and responsive to my calls and emails. Working with you it is clear that you practice what you teach!

Lesha Price
Southern Region Marketing Consultant - MetLife Auto and Home


"I have been using your processes for over two years now and your processes have allowed me to really use the resources I have, to capture multiple policies from my clients, and has helped me to flawlessly have the conversations that I have been trained to utilize. Should any agent question the validity of your processes or whether or not they are a good investment into their agency….I hope you will utilize this testimony to make them understand just how crucial they are to the agency and staff and that it will propel them into production machines that don’t focus on just writing the business and hoping it sticks, but having a conversation with their clients that fortify them as insured’s for life"


Kristen Mills

Licensed Sales Producer - Independent Agency


“If you are struggling in the insurance business or want to drastically improve your business you should hire Billy tomorrow. He is light years ahead of the insurance industry regarding processes and technology that really work and give huge ROI.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Terry Leflar 


We are using the processes that you mentored my agency on. I am so excited about these processes. I want to thank you for all your help and your patience. You are a great mentor. I'm sure you will never lack for new clients, because you are so good at what you do.  I can't wait to pass your name on to other agents. I wish I had met you and implemented your processes 20 years ago. SIGH... 

Sarah Nelson - Agency Owner 

After hearing numerous first-hand testimonials from agents about how helpful Billy Williams has been in building their agencies, I felt compelled to sign-up for Billy’s Agency Mentoring program to see how we might be able to improve our agency operations. 

Billy immediately impressed me and opened my eyes to several powerful marketing ideas to generate more leads.   He also helped me step back and reevaluate many of our internal agency processes which had been established years earlier in a much less challenging insurance market.   By updating these systems, we were able to better leverage sales opportunities from our existing customers.   I like how Billy focuses on sharing solid, low-cost ideas and processes designed to get immediate results in your agency.   His tools are not just good concepts; they’re industry tested solutions with a history of producing results.    

When you’re serious about taking your agency to the next level, I would strongly recommend signing up for Billy’s Agency Mentoring.   Billy is a great resource and will provide you with the tools and guidance to take you step-by-step through the process of maximizing your agency results. 


Keith Fulton - Multiple Agency Owner, Designer of the Sunrise Agency Management System 

“All I can say is "where were you Billy when I got in this business over 12 years ago"? I am so excited and energized about my business like never before. The few processes I have put in place has been absolutely amazing. The amount of time that has been cut from my day by implementing them have all but paid for my membership in the program. And one major item that Billy instructed me to implement is working already. WOW!!!!1 Thank you Billy for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Iris Nance Agency Owner

Thank you for all of your help. I have been an insurance agent for twenty five years and have missed out on many of the award trips offered to the top

agencies in my company.

 I started following your system one year ago and had my best year ever.

I earned one of those award trips this year!

Thanks again

Robert Morrison - Captive Agent 

This was the best seminar I've attended in a career spanning over 30 years.  Dr Williams presented useable tools and innovative ideas that we were shown how to access.  It was a day filled with creative but simple ideas which won't cost my agents a ton of money.    

 Debbie Marr - Regional Sales Manager, MetLife Auto and Home - NSC Mid-Atlantic Region


My name is David Robnett. I recently attended your workshop in Irving, Texas sponsored by MetLife Home and Auto. The workshop was sharp and crisp and totally focused on making our agencies bigger and better. By far the Best workshop of it’s kind I have ever attended.

We have sharpened a few processes we already had in place and added new ones that will increase referrals  and increase policies.

Billy, thank you again for putting together such a comprehensive guide for agencies to follow that want to grow their business!



 David Robnett

I have 3 scripts that I have written, practiced, and use based on the suggestions made at the presentation . . . All of these are working better than I ever would have believed . . . I have been an agent for 25 years and struggled with "cold calling".  Now I don't feel like I'm cold calling and it's liberating! Thanks to the education I received from the seminar I am going to be selling more insurance this year than ever, I know it!

Gloria Sadlier CIC CPIW



Dr. Billy Williams and his group from Inspire A Nation put on a mentoring workshop for our agents and we were blown away by his common sense approach to running an agency.  I believe his workshop can help all types of agents and even the smallest agency can take away useful and time saving ideas.  I would highly recommend this program to any agent and I would like to personally thank Dr. Williams for his willingness to help other agents to succeed.

Shane Heeren
Rockford Mutual Insurance Company


I attended a seminar (mentoring session) that Billy presented "How to build a ten Million Dollar Insurance Agency in 5 Years". This was a daylong seminar that was JAM PACKED with valuable information, and more importantly, step by step implementation procedures. Billy provided many ideas that were either low cost or NO cost... This was the single best seminar I have ever attended in terms of "takeaway". Not only have we implemented several of Billy's ideas, but we have joined his mentoring group, so that we could have some one-on-one consulting, and access the remainder of his "library". We could not be happier with Billy and his team
Ron Assise
President - Horton Group, Personal Lines

When I met Billy Williams I knew my life was going to change. Walking into his workshop I was immediately met by the most sincere smile as well as looks of complete engagement by his last class' students.

In no time he made it obvious who was in command of our destinies: we were. He made it simple and clear that our fortunes were ours to be made and that all it took was an honest self assessment of our goals and our approaches.

It has been a year since that workshop at Baruch College in NYC and in that time I have finally gotten to a place where I can say I am in complete control of my own success. His ICE CREAM lesson is always with me too.

Since then those books I'd wanted to write have been written and those people I wanted to emulate have been contacted. Every business person should take his workshop, if simply to understand where the determination and passion and power to succeed comes from.” January 13, 2012

 Carmen M Colon, Assistant Engineer, National Grid / KeySpan


The workshop was outstanding!! Well organized and very informative.The processes and the recommendations that are necessary for running a successful business were outlined exceptionally well.  
What was most Impressive was that the content that was presented can be immediately utilized by all insurance professionals. Anyone going to this workshop would benefit immediately.

Tina Yetto ~ MetLife Auto & Home ~ Regional Sales Manager



Hi folks with Inspire a Nation,

I simply wanted to say that I am tremendously excited about your material that I received. I've worked really hard at my agency making it up as I go along. So now it's really a blessing to see something this comprehensive and easy to use. I suspect I will have questions along the way, however I promise not to inundate you much because the value that I already received simply from the videos and the book are huge.

I look forward to staying connected with your organization and watching the benefit overflow in our office.

All the best, and thank you for what you do.


Jeremy Snowden, LUTCF

Jeremy Snowden Agency

Dr. William's principles are exceptionally sound and have a clear sense that they have been 'reality tested.' It is my personal and professional goal to make these principles an operational reality in my business in 2012!


Posted by Charles Hilson - C.E.O. at GBG Inc.


I absolutely loved the Inspireanation workshop. My boss sent me and another girl from our office to the training. We left there with so many ideas for our company. When we came back we told our boss about it, and since then he has signed up with Inspireanation to help get things on track with our company. Excited to start seeing our company grow. Thank you Billy for getting us motivated to want to be better at what we do.
Thank You
Donna Spangler

Dr. Williams is a true professional who is at the cutting edge of business building. We hired Billy to deliver proven business practices to our agents both captive and independent. His unique and innovative approaches to business building and marketing helped our organization deliver on the agency partnership model during a difficult growth period for our organization. His innovative approach created a renewed enthusiasm within our partner agencies and solidified the relationships with those key agents. 

I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Williams and the Inspire A Nation organization.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Robert Atkinson


My first experience with Billy was as a consultant/coach/mentor helping me with the development of a new start-up. While his focus is primarily the insurance industry, he provides “process” solutions which can be implemented in any business environment. 

Always on the cutting edge, Billy has his finger on the latest tech-driven solutions to help companies stay in the forefront of their competition. Once a professional acquaintance, Billy has become a trusted friend. He is the leading advantage that all companies need to stay one step ahead.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Craig Wolters

It was a pleasure to attend the Omaha seminar of Mr. Williams.  When you think of how to change your operation and make things flow in a more organized manner there are a 1,000 plus ways and resources out there to tell you how.  But Mr. Williams has a different approach and another benefit.  He owns and has managed insurance offices all over the United States.  It is process that can be easily added to any agency and I look forward to putting things into play in our agency.

Tim McClintock

McClintock Insurance

“I walked away from Dr. Billy William's workshop feeling inspired! There was a plethora of information and advice and step by step instructions to get you started and implement the processes.   We have already embraced several of his recommended practices and/or processes.”

Linda Thornton, Thornton Powell Insurance Services 

“Dr. Billy Williams' training workshop really motivated me to start making changes.  Since attending his workshop last month, I have worked with my staff to identify business impediments and solutions to increasing our sales opportunities and retention.  Thanks to Dr. Williams, we already have some great solutions! 

Nancy M. Schwaller, CIC President , Schwaller Insurance Agency, Inc. 

The best thing I can say about the program is ---- it works! I am so excited to use the processes and see people respond to them just the way the system say they would. I feel like my team and I are in for the most exciting and productive year of our careers. We are having fun and learning new twists on how to sell insurance. We are learning how to separate ourselves from the crowd. I can't wait to see what's next! I've got a feelin' that this years gonna be a good good year, whooo hooo! And this is just the beginning.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Vevelyn Tripp

Billy, I want to say THANK YOU for your coaching and excellent advice regarding raising my Agency Loyalty Index (ALI) score in my agency. By following what you recommended  I was able to raise my ALI score by 26 points this year.  That is HUGE and I am most appreciative of your help.


Now its time to focus on moving my agency to $10 Million in the next 5 years.

You are the man! 

Steven M Budar, CLU, ChFC

Budar Insurance Agency LLC

Hi Billy, the workshop in a word was AWESOME!!!!! I learned so much and I am so excited to be doing what I do. Thank you so very much for sharing. 

Farmers Insurance Agent  

I recently attended the workshop, “How to Build a $10 Million Agency in 5 Years” with Dr. Billy Williams and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about leading a successful insurance agency or performing well as an employee of an agency. 

Key workshop highlights for me included several low cost, effective marketing ideas for branding your agency that can be implemented immediately. Billy shared information on various new Internet technologies that he demonstrated from start to finish. These innovative programs and their instructions are easy even for a technophobe like me. I would have been reluctant to try them without the live presentation. I particularly enjoyed the section on how to build life insurance sales. Billy’s handout citing 15 marketing ideas for increasing life sales is very helpful and succinct. 

The most important take away for me was Billy’s continual emphasizing of the point that even if you get caught up in the enthusiasm and good ideas generated in his seminar, it is only by applying that knowledge that you can succeed. Knowledge without application leads to nothing. 

In my opinion, investing the time for the seminar was worthwhile and now it is incumbent upon me to implement the process. I would encourage all agents and their staff who want and need to build their business to attend.

Robin Wolters

Thank you for sharing the I.C.E.C.R.E.A.M. project, your message was very powerful and it was truly inspirational and helpful to me. Through you and your I.C.E.C.R.E.A.M. theory, I plan to make some changes in my life and to begin thinking differently about myself and my profession


Lauren Diaz

Billy, your mentoring is amazing. I love the consistent, repeatable, trainable way to handle each and every customer interaction so that the customer is taken care of and so that we take care of our responsibility to our customer and to our agency.

Steve and Wendy Funk - Multiple Agency Owners

Dear Dr. Williams,
Your presentation at National Hispanics Corporate Achievers event was amazing. I learned some much from you.
I truly appreciate all your good advices and now I'm working hard to apply your advice.

Thank you for making a difference in my life, you don't have an idea of how you inspire me to be better.

Best regards,
Adriana Quizhpi.
Student at Baruch College.

Billy, the workshop was exciting and informative. I can see that the processes I learned about if implemented, will definitely grow my independent agency to 10 million in premium in a relatively short time. 

Shaun C Borden - Independent Agency Owner 

$10 Million Agency Workshop recommendation 

Dear Billy, 
It was great to spend the day with you along with my staff. The seminar was great and my staff came away motivated, and more importantly, wanting to implement some new processes to grow and retain our business. We role played the New Customer Process at our staff meeting the next day and others who did not attend were impressed. 

Thank you. I continue to be a fan of you and your company. 

Larry - Multiple Agency Owner 

Billy, your recent workshop in Tampa for agents and staff was unbelievable.  You had an action packed day that kept us thinking and motivated till the very end.

You showed us hands on how to implement new technologies and apply it to our agencies at minimal cost and we role played talk-paths geared to enhancing value conversations with prospects and customers. My staff was energized and we all had many take-aways that we are implementing into our agency immediately.  Couldn't ask for anything - except for more.
David Ginsberg Agency Owner

I've been an agent for 9 years. Although I still love the business, I wasn't growing and needed a fresh perspective on how to turn it around.

Billy has breathed(or injected) new life into my agencies and staff! I am more motivated and energized than I have been in a long time. In the short time we have begun to implement his processes, I already see a difference in my staff and clients. I am so grateful I made the decision to become a client of Billy's.

Lynda Flanigan
Multiple Location Agency Owner 

“If you want to grow your business Billy Williams is the man to talk to. I worked with Dr. Williams on a joint training webinar and learned invaluable information I will use in business for the rest of my life (and I was only there as a product presentor!) He is a wonderful communicator, he puts things in perspective for people from all backgrounds, keeps you interested and inspires you to success. I think what impressed me most is how well he knows his "stuff". He has sucessfully grown multiple insurance agencies into million dollar businesses and continues to teach others his interesting, productive and cutting edge methods. I hope to work with him again!” 

Courtney Cobb


Billy Williams has a wealth of knowledge about how to build and run a successful Insurance Agency. However, in my opinion, the most valuable service he provides is the monthly implementation phone calls. Every month, Billy helps me assess where I am and focus on the next steps I need to take my business to the next level. If it weren't for the monthly calls, I know that I wouldn't be nearly as successful in implementing the processes that are helping my agency grow! 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jennifer Nelson - Agency Owner


I would like to thank you one more time for the incredible shift in my consciousness with everything I learned during our one on one mentoring.  Being in this business for 18 years I could not  have possibly imagined all that my agency could accomplish just by putting the right systems in place, until I met you. What I learned I consider outstanding.

I. Romova - Romova Insurance Group - Agency Owner

I thought your training session was one of the best I have attended in my 30 years with my company

Merri Hutchison

I have been an insurance agent and now an agency owner for 20 plus years, and during this time I have won many company awards and trips, but one day I realized I just needed help.  I contacted Dr. Billy Williams and was convinced immediately he was the help I was looking for.


In my last 6 months working with Billy I have improved upon most areas of my business through automation and better understanding of what tools and processes are available to work with and how to use them.

If you feel your business has stagnated, creativity has been lost, retention has decreased, new business is not what you want it to be, you have no good processes in place, or your general understanding of where today's Insurance Industry is headed is lacking, then you owe it to yourself to call Billy

Rod Renard

Renard Insurance Group

Your Mentoring far exceeded my expectations! I am very pleased.

Kevin Casey - Agency Owner

I have you noted as one of the great speakers and motivators. You should be more known! Certainly every HBU and clearly the Ivy Leagues and others should employ your services. Go forward my friend  - - encourage and motivate .....

Thomas E. Hampton, ChFC, AEP, CLTC

Financial Planner

Financial Services Executive

I have been an Agent for many years. During this time I have spent thousands of dollars on training and education that is designed to teach me how to be a better agent.

I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had met Billy sooner.  He gave me more tips and marketing processes in one afternoon workshop than workshops and trainings that I have attended for weeks at a time and spent thousands of dollars on.

Len Cratic Jr. - State Farm Insurance 

“I just attended a great insurance agency webinar about competing against the direct writers by Billy Williams and had the good fortune to speak to him. Wow!

Daniel Hickey, Sr. Education Professional, Allstate 

I cannot thank you enough!!! This was the most important Webinar training I have taken in my 18 years of being an agent . It was worth every penny. Your sincerity and method of teaching is most appreciated and effective.

J. Fuller - Agency owner  

Dr. Billy Williams inspires you and gives you the tools that will propel your insurance agency to the next level without breaking the bank!!!

Teresa Greenfield

Agency Principal

Greenfield Insurance Group, LLC

Orange City, Florida

Dr. Billy Williams is a true inspiration!  He has helped me grow my business by introducing low cost processes to generate new business..... More importantly, he has helped me understand my business.  As a new agent I have found him consistently available as a resource.  

One of the best investments I have made for the success of my Agency.

Yvonne Fasci 
Fasci & Associates Agency  

13409 NW Military Hwy Suite 301
San Antonio, TX 78231



It is true that you CAN “teach an old dog new tricks”. I am living proof of that.  I took Dr. Williams’ Business Success Workshop with my entire staff in both of my agencies.  We were all very excited with the processes that were presented and we wasted no time implementing them in the agencies.  We started using the processes the very next day and two days later we received the biggest affirmation that it was working……praise and a referral from one of our customers.  The benefits of this system are too many to name here.   I highly recommend this workshop for all business owners and their employees.

Glenn Dougherty Sr.

Agency Owner

Dougherty Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. 

Your training is the best investment we have made in our agency!

Willie Harper - Chief Operating Officer

Texas VIP Insurance 

I just participated in your webinar on 6 tools in MS Office and want to thank you! I am a self acknowledged techno-geek, formerly an engineer for HP and built and sold a software firm in the 90’s… all prior to this life in the Financial world. This program I just listened to with you was the BEST I have ever listened to. Great job!

Jack Outhier

Legacy Solutions LLC

Your sessions are so refreshing and helpful.  I have been so bogged down in the training of our new staff members and absorbing the new agency I purchased into our systems that I have not been able to step back and immerse myself in the RIGHT activities.  I just forced myself to set aside an hour this morning and watch a webinar before getting back in the trenches. I got excited again about our potential!
Thank you for what you do. You are appreciated. 
Larry Howes
Agency Owner

Billy Williams was one of my Allstate Sales Managers; he later opened his own Allstate agency and in a few years built from scratch an agency that fell into the high medium size range.  He knows the Allstate agency in and out, which is a statement that most cannot make. 

He is now excelling as the owner of an investment group that invest money and resources into insurance agencies, and as a Mentor to insurance professionals. 

He holds a doctorate, and I personally don't see any other similar consultant out here that can match his combined expertise.  I feel his techniques are on point for the agency owner of any insurance company, and certainly he has no par when it comes to addressing the issues of an Allstate agency owner.  Additionally Dr. Williams, in my opinion, is not just in it for the money; I would recommend you call him because he will always share some free advice to help a fellow agent.

Ronald Allen (40 Year Agent), Chairman of a Non-Profit Insurance Association

Thanks for coming to my offices and helping me get a plan in place to take my business to the next level.

My staff and I really enjoyed your energy and knowledge and I think that implementing these new process and procedures will be much easier now because you have met my staff and they have watched you in action in my offices.


Tim Doud - Agency Owner

“I can't thank Billy Williams enough for his contribution to my growing success in the insurance industry. As a insurance expert and business mentor he works tirelessly to prepare me for the constantly changing sales market. Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring has helped me carve a pathway to success, and at the end of the year, the results will be clear. I am entering 2010 into a brand new position with confidence and direction with the help of Billy. I have always wanted to put together a business plan and model that encompasses the use of the newest technology and tools, while maintaining business integrity and adding value to the customer experience. Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring helped me do this. If your in the sales industry, check out Billy's seminars. I promise you leave satisfied knowing that someone finally has a modern stronghold and clear plan to help your business grow while adding value to your customer's experience. Thank you Billy!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Colin Wheeler

“Billy's insight of what I was looking for was excellent as well as right on target. He was able to design a plan that I currently use that works great! Looking forward to future ideas.”

Kevin "Scooby" Hutchins

“Busting at the seams with knowledge, possessing incredible sales skills, a great personality and exciting stage presence Billy Williams is truly an amazing man. And the best part of knowing Billy is his willingness (and ability) to help others recognize and exceed their goals both personal and professional. He has helped me grow professionally and I highly recommend him to anyone.......... in any field. This is definitely a person you want to know.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Tamara Nicklas

“I have never been around anyone that inspired me more than Billy Williams. His drive and his ability for innovation in the insurance industry is second to none. His attention to detail and his service to his customers is of the highest of quality. I can only hope of aspiring to his level someday.” 

Tyler Horton, Agent, Coastal Insurance

Words cannot fully express my gratitude for the opportunity you have opened for me and this comes from a 60 year old man who has been an attorney for 33 years!  It has been my goal to move on at 60 and you have given me the opportunity and the tools to do this. It will take some time but you have given me the tools to move forward.  I am free to move on the path I chose. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Duane Felton

Billy, Your Agency Mentoring Program is the best program I have ever purchased. I really appreciate the clarity in which your program describes the implementation process. On another note, I have been a member of another well known insurance coaching program and I never received calls from the owner. You have personally called me to check on me and help me with various things in the program. I REALLY appreciate that. Thanks Again, Brad” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Brad Stout

Agency Owner

 "I purchased Billy's book "The Insurance Agency Success Mentoring and Process Manual" along with the CDs. I am slowly implementing some of the processes as we speak. 

I just wanted to thank Billy for this very thorough and easy to follow guide. The manual is packed with useful information and I look forward to re-reading it over and over again in order to learn as much as I possibly can. I highly recommend this book to anyone operating an insurance business.

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Jeff Stone
Agency Owner

“Billy Williams is a man of never ending resources, wisdom and useful ideas. I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak and be a part of a training session he hosted. I believe anyone able to hear him speak should jump at the opportunity and learn as much as they can from him.” 

Nolan Collins, Owner,

Billy Williams has taught me how to drive business to my agency without spending a fortune each month! He also does a great job of keeping current with our ever changing climate. I would recommend Billy to anyone that is looking to grow their business.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Yvonne Fasci

Billy Williams is goal-oriented, driven and resourceful. And after just a short conversation with him, you'll find yourself wanting to know more of how he made his success and how he'll help you do it for yourself. There are paths you choose, paths you follow, and paths that lead to the emerald city. Billy can help you get to that gem on the shortest and most cost effective path there is. Check out, you'll see how to improve your business, yourself, and your bottomline!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Dana Philibert

I attended one of Dr. Billy Williams' Ultimate sales training workshop. He was so inspirational and impressive with his knowledge and his techniques. I came out of the workshop feeling empowered and confident in my capabilities to communicate effectively to potential customers with the information that I learned. Dr. Williams is a very inspirational, motivating and captivating speaker.” 

Teresa McSee-Odoms, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager, Wintrust Financial Corporation

For 23+ years in the business I've attended numerous classes, seminars and workshops to better myself and my business. What Billy has brought to us is refreshing, new and presented in a way that's easy to grasp. I'm looking forward to working with Billy and excited about his ideas of social networking and building a much larger database. Thanks Billy!!!!!!!” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Doyle Moss

Billy is an excellent mentor for insurance agents looking to install (or supplement) consistent repeatable processes within their agency. He delivers value at a reasonalbe cost.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

John Hawk

I have complete confidence in recommending Dr. Williams. His workshops with our company have been a great and enjoyable learning experience for our customers. I am looking forward to working together for years to come. Billy has his heart in his work and it shows. I have learned so much from our work together.”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Randy Moore

Dr. Williams has consistently provided valuable information for agents and brokers on how to grow your agency. Dr. Williams provides detailed processes and action plans that give agencies the much needed support to survive the challenges of our current economic climate.”


Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Ron Allen

I wish I could have had Billy's ideas and guidance from day one of opening my agency. I have 15 years with Allstate and I learned more solid ideas in a month working with Billy than I have in the last 5 years.” 

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Steve Hovland

On behalf of the agency, we would like to express our thanks for the help and advice that Billy has given and still gives to us! Billy your ideas work and what you speak on is very true and we look forward to meeting our goals and growing our agency with your guidance!”

Kevin Casey, Owner, Kevin Casey Insurance Agency

I just returned home from Billy's Williams "Agency Success Mentoring Live Workshop" in New York/New Jersey. If you missed it, "shame on you". I have worked with Billy over the last year and he is amazing. His knowledge of the insurance agency management, new technology, marketing and selling processes is astonishing. I am sure there are other systems and processes out here but with Billy you get straight talk with no fluff. He backs his material with easy to use processes and "HE" is always there if you have a question or need advice. I highly recommend his services and will continue to be a customer for a very long time. Thank you again Billy for all that you have done for me over the last year, you are the man! Cheers Jack Colbourne.” 

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Jack Colbourne

Billy's vision to launch "Inspire a Nation" speaks to his tenacious spirit to guide and educate others. His knowledge and passion comes out in every word he speaks. Get Inspired with Billy's commentary!!!” 

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Wil Benjamin

Billy has truly been an inspiration to me personally and to my business aspirations. He has a program that helps me run my agency the most cost effective way. I have been an agent for a long time and no one has helped me as much as he has. The best business investment I have ever made.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Tim Boyce

Billy has been a huge blessing to my business over the past 12 months. He's so honest about everything and he really wants his clients to succeed...and not go broke at the same time! He's extremely accessible and has great insight to the industry. Billy has opened my eyes to new growth opportunities and to not have the "business as usual" mentality that most agents have. Fresh and inspiring. That's Billy Williams. I highly recommend you use him.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Taylor Richardson

“I have attended Dr. Williams’ workshop and have worked with him on a consultative basis. He is a most engaging, dynamic speaker who I highly recommend. His passion and enthusiasm are very contagious and I consider Dr. Williams my most valuable resource. Having a training background, I have attended countless training programs and I have rarely encountered programs that provide such detail in how to implement the suggested method in a time frame and manner that is “real world.” Dr. Williams provides the “whys” and “how to’s” in a step-by-step manner of consultative sales strategy to immediately increase, and retain your Book of Business while at the same time ensuring your clients have their assets and interest optimally protected.  Ongoing follow up is necessary to obtain and maintain success and Billy excels in this area. I can’t think of a better way to jump-start your business and maintain momentum. If you want to see your business improve and become more successful, Inspire A Nation is a must-have. Lastly, Dr. Williams is a very compassionate, highly inspiring coach. His ethics are beyond reproach and you will be very impressed with his honesty and integrity. Change is never easy but Billy makes the process as easy as possible. Robin Wolters Dave Meredith Agency” 

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Robin Wolters

If you are wanting to grow your agency to the next level I highly suggest going to Dr. Billy Williams Inspire a Nation Conference. It’s some of the best money I have ever spent on a conference. I love his strategy of educating you and then allowing you to implement at the same time. Dr. Williams even takes it a step further to make sure your assets are being protected as you are growing. Most conferences talk about growing an agency and have nothing in place for educating an agent on the principals of protecting your growth. Thank you Dr. Billy Williams for sharing your wealth of knowledge with others.

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