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Best Seller "The Best Responses to Overcome Sales Objections - Pocket Guide"

  • Mon, October 30, 2023
  • 12:00 AM
  • Thu, February 01, 2024
  • 12:00 PM

The latest book by Billy R. Williams, Ph.D.


E-Book: ($8.95) 

Paperback: ($12.95) 

This pocket-guide is the result of talking with 1000's of salespeople, listening to 100's of hours of successful and not-so-successful recorded sales calls, a little help from our A.I. vendor partners, and the real-world experiences of Dr. Billy R. Williams, considered by many as one of the world's leading authorities on building and growing a successful sales organization.



The Best Responses to Overcome Sales Objections Pocket-Guide is a quick reference tool that salespeople from any industry can use whenever they need the Best Responses to Overcome Sales Objections.

The pocket guide will give you effective responses to handle objections during the 5 main areas of the sales cycle where you will most likely face objections:

1.    When initially contacting your lead or prospect,

2.    When you must leave a voicemail,

3.    When trying to gather information or schedule an appointment to gather information from your lead or prospect,

4.    When trying to follow up with your lead or prospect after the initial conversation, and

5.    When closing the sale.

The best salespeople in the world always have a response regardless of the situation.

I have trained and mentored 1000’s of salespeople and I can quickly tell the good ones from the bad ones. How do you ask?

The good ones understand how to control the emotions of the situation by asking the right questions, having the right responses, and not letting the prospect's or customer’s emotions control how the salesperson goes about their job.

The responses we provide in this Best Responses Pocket-Guide will help you not only manage a lead, prospect, or customer’s emotions, but they will also help you manage your emotions, which is the most essential step in overcoming sales objections.

Using the Best Responses Pocket-Guide is very simple:

1.    Identify the situation,

2.    Select the type of communication method(s) you want to use such as phone, email, text message, social DM, Video response, etc.,

3.    Select the script or template from the pocket-guide that you believe will be the most effective, and

4.    Use our recommended response(s) in their exact form or use them as a foundation and modify them to your personality when communicating with your lead, prospect, or customer.

E-Book: ($8.95)

Paperback: ($12.95)

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