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    Q. Who should attend?

    A. Every Insurance Agency that wants to be trained on the Top 9 Marketing Campaigns to Close out the Insurance Sales Year.

    Q. why do I need to attend the Conference Call?

    A. Because I will explain the campaigns in detail, give you tips and tricks that make them easier to implement and produces better results, and I will give you a list of tools you need to implement each campaign

    UNDERSTANDING AUTOMATED DIALERS (Click on the picture or the link)

    Audio Link: Understanding Automated Dialers

    Understanding Dialers: Preview Dialing, Automated & Power Dialing, Predictive Dialing

    An Automated dialer is a piece of software that helps automate the outbound dialing process, eliminating the need to sort through a list of contacts and manually dial out to them.

    A Power-Dialer or Automated Phone System that tracks and measures call volume is a must-have if you or your staff make outbound marketing calls to list such as "Quoted-not-Sold Lists", "Birthday Lists", "Win-Back Lists", or "X-Date Lists"

    On this recorded conference call, I will explain the 4 primary types of automated dialers, the main differences between them, and help you decide which of these dialing systems is the best fit for your team.

    The Fix My Insurance Agency Podcast is listed as one of the top 15 insurance-focused podcasts in the world by Feedspot;


    (Click on the picture)

    Audio Link: Prospecting for Business Referral Partners

    Q. What is a Business Referral Partnership?

    A. A company or individual professional that sends you a direct referral, allows you to speak to their network by webinar, conference call, live event, etc., shares information about your products and services on the website, newsletter, or blog, or that helps cost-share an event or advertising campaign.

    Q. Major problem having a large amount of Business Referral Partners solves? 

    A. Having a steady flow of interested and qualified prospects

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