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Free, Downloadable, Electronic, 2019 Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

The "Free" Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring 2019 Insurance Agency Marketing Plan will be instantly emailed to the email address you provide on this form.

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Not sure what tasks you should focus on each week to grow your insurance agency?

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Why are we giving away such a valuable resource?

Because we know that once you utilize some of our free resources, Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring ( will always be top of mind when you are ready to move up to one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

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Staffing an Insurance Agency - How to locate and hire insurance agency staff.

Click here or on the picture above to see the on-demand mentoring video!

Staffing is a major headache for most insurance agencies. This training session will teach you how to locate new staff candidates, and, how to effectively interview them, as well as show you the best way to pay them that will allow you to get the best results from them.

Licensed Sales Producer Live Interview

Download our Insurance Agency Specific Licensed Sales Producer Interview Questions with a live audio interview and the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring Job Application Template in Microsoft Word format.

Click or on the microphone above to hear a live interview for a Licensed Sales Person Position. If you want a copy of the exact questions asked during the interview, click on the link below.

Not sure what questions to ask when interviewing for a Licensed Sales Producer? Download the exact questions you should ask by clicking here

Download and modify the Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring provided Insurance Agency Job Application Template for your agency.

Always have the applicant complete a position specific job application.

Don’t rely on a resume. A good job application will:

  • Give you a standard format to review which makes it easier and faster to get through more resume’s
  • Allow you to effectively perform a side-by-side comparison of applicants
  • Allow you to quickly identify expertise and skills that match the position

Shortly after completing the request form you will receive an email with a link to the Job Application Template in Microsoft Word format. Be sure to modify the Job Application Template for your agency before using it with an applicant.

How to buy and sell a P&C Insurance Agency - Questions most buyers and sellers don't ask

92% of most small insurance agencies (under 2 Million in annual premium) will be bought and sold or go completely out of business in the next 5 - 7 years. Why? 

1. Lack of effective agency processes 

2. Lack of effective marketing 

3. Poor leadership 

4. Lack of mentoring 

How to buy a P and C agency slides are now available for download: Go to this link to download a copy of the slides from this presentation 

We are one of the country's top Insurance Agent training, coaching, and mentoring organizations. 

This video details the 8 key areas that agency buyers and sellers often overlook, but shouldn't when negotiating the sale of a P and C agency.

Are You a Strong or Weak Insurance Agency Leader? Take our one minute quiz and find out!

Most struggling agencies are a product of weak agency leadership and not just market volatility and rate increases. Weak insurance agency leadership causes frequent staff turnover, over spending on staff salaries, over-inflated agency expenses, poor implementation of marketing campaigns, and poor sales production.

Takes 1 minute to complete and your results will be immediately emailed to you.

Download our free 20 page Excel Spreadsheet Training Course w/ Screen Capture Explanations

Our Free Spreadsheet Training Course will show you how to: 

  • Remove duplicates data such as emails and phone numbers 
  • Write easy formulas to manage dates such as birth dates and renewal dates
  • Show months as names instead of numbers for easy sorting
  • Split data such as first and last names, and addresses into different columns, 
  • and much more!


Click Here to Download the Free Excel Spreadsheet Training Course

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